What makes the difference between one pair of shoes and your favourite pair of shoes?

We keep asking this every time a customer comes to our soles’ factory with a new idea.
Design is not everything: there is the fit, feet’s comfort and the fact that the perfect pair of shoes should last years and years.
We aim to make every shoe a really perfect one. And the sole makes that invisible but crucial difference.
The element that defines fit and style of every shoe.

Innovation, craftsmanship and creativity.

From here we start over and over again, every time to create products with unique taste,the one each client looks for.
We want to satisfy the most specific needs, take a challenge counting on a productive process made of technology and tradition, but most of all, of ad hoc development of each good.
To bring the craftsmanship which defines the creation of every sole to meet requests, trends and new tehnologies is the philosophy we believe in.
Working every time on brand new projects, with a tailor made approach, for unique results, is the incentive we keep follow that has lead us where we are today.