Solid, that smells of leather, as our soles.

Passion, care for the product and longing for innovation through times. This is the base our company begun from and is still today the root of our expertise: careful materials’ selection, advanced technologies in production and that pinch of craftsmanship coming from years of experience.
In our case from 1978, when Luigi and Vincenzo estabilished the family soles’ factory in the heart of Marche shoe industry district.
Since then, smell of leather and noise from milling machines has always been the same.
Since then, constant research on trends, styles and a tight cooperation with our customers has lead us to the head of the sector.
Today, besides leather, we work tr, tpu, pvc and every type of pre-milled material with ultimate generation machineries.
We are able to produce up to three thousands soles per day keeping offering a product as it used to be made in terms of reliability and performance: every sole is designed with the customer, developed in every detail with our technical staff, realized to satisfy the most specific needs.

We believe every good shoe comes from tiny details.

The sole is more than a detail: from here starts every shoes’ journey.
A long one. Where comfort and quality make the pleasure and satisfaction of who’ll wear them.
A fashion product developed as a tailor made one, with that same care for the customers’ needs that lead us always a little bit forward and a little bit further!