Hands’ contact with materials, the difference a certain polishing or the brush stroke from expert hands can make.

Soles’ making is among these. Production expands, latest generation machineries arrives bringing more efficient technologies, but is still needed that human touch to give products essence and taste, as we call it.

The journey of our soles starts from a fully shared project with the customer, developed with our staff in front of a monitor using specific softwares

To us, the real challenge: from a fashion designer’s sketch to a concrete product, a tailor made one.  And then comes the production: handmade soles like pre-milled ones or printed soles in tr, pvc, ptu.

Materials are the heart of our research process: high quality, high performances and in line with latest fashion trends.

You recognise an artisan sole from leather’s thickness, which has been first cut roughly and then milled in a precise shape.
Then comes the people, giving to the product that right taste for the shoe it has been thought for.
Elegant finish, washed leather for a more vintage and retro allure, heel if it’s a decolleté: every detail will define the style of the final shoe.

The finishing phase is the heart of the manual work, where artisan’ stouch determines a certain polish, detail and finish.

A phase keeping the taste of ancient gestures, survived to the past, which smells of varnish.
Where to the perfection of a machines’ made product we add that poetry and that unique flavor.